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Carpet Cleaning Westchester NY – How Often Do You Need Professional Cleaning?

Children play in carpet, and track dirt in and out of it often. Accidents like spills happen frequently, but residue remains behind. Pet dander, dust mites and bacteria accumulate quickly in the carpet and get re-released into the air over and over again. This compromises the indoor air quality. If you want to get the highest quality service for carpet cleaning in Westchester County NY, call us to remove tough carpet stains and maintain the appearance of a carpet.

How Often Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

When you want to keep your carpets looking their best, you can call Green Choice Carpet of Westchester County NY for regular cleaning at least once a year. Some households with children may find that it may be needed more often, especially in high traffic areas. Those who have allergies and respiratory conditions may require deep cleaning more often. To err on the safe side, getting a cleaning schedule in place is strongly recommended.

Extending the Life of Carpets

When you use our service for carpet cleaning in Westchester County NY on a regular bases, the life of your carpet will be extended because it will look better and suffer less wear in day to day traffic. Dust in a carpet will wear down the fiber and will also coat the carpet fibers and make the colors look dirty and faded. Having professional cleaning done at least once a year will help you protect the carpet and keeping it looking like new. Dust-free carpets will not only reduce the wear and tear your carpets get, but the clean carpet fibers will look clean and bright just like the day you bought it.

If you are looking for rug cleaning in Westchester County NY, then you should call Green Choice for the most advanced rug cleaning service in NY. We have our own rug cleaning factory and a staff with years of cleaning all types of rugs, including Persian and Oriental rugs. We will come and pick up your rug and deliver it back to you after cleaning for free. If you want more information about our rug cleaning and other services, you can call us and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Client Reviews

Green Choice Carpet of Westchester County NY

4.8 stars –
based on 5 reviews

Review by:Kat Johnson
Service: Mattress Cleaning
Date published: 03/02/2015
5 / 5 stars
The price was reasonable,The technician cleaned the chairs right then and there and removed all stains.He picked up my rug and I just got it delivered back to me today.All stains were removed. I am happy I can trust this company and you should too.
Review by:Audrey Slade
Service: Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 03/23/2015
5 / 5 stars
Green Choice Carpet of Westchester NY provided the best service possible on a reasonable price; they were thorough, professional and accurate. Not only that but they use green products that are gentle to the rugs and they look simply amazing with their vivid colors.
Written by:Harper Jones
Service: Rug Cleaning
Date published: 04/10/2015
5 / 5 stars
10 months ago
My mother got her rugs cleaned by Green Choice Carpet of Westchester a month ago and she was very happy from the service. . . The technician who did the service was very kind, polite and very professional. The green materials really do a great job!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Review by: J. Victoria Laszlo
Service: Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 02/13/2015
5 / 5 stars
By calling Green Choice Carpet Of Westchester NY I basically made the best decision I could make . . . I am so glad that what was promised to me was what I got. Their customer service is awesome and I highly recommend everyone to use this company’s services. You definitely won’t regret it.
Review by:The Curly Nerd
Service: Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 03/23/2015
5 / 5 stars
I live in Westchester NY and I have a new puppy that I really like, but he makes a lot of messes . . . The rug was picked up and went to their factory. It was returned back to me last week and it looks AMAZING.

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