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Carpet Cleaner Westchester NY – Why You Need a Professional Cleaning

What’s living in your carpet? You would be surprised. While some of what is trapped in the carpet can be relatively harmless, other things trapped in the carpet fibers could actually be quite dangerous. Getting the carpet thoroughly cleaned neutralizes any potential health threats that could be lurking beneath the carpet’s surface. Green Choice Carpet of Westchester NY can keep carpets sanitary and safe for your home or office.

What’s in Your Carpet?

While you may think do you not need a professional carpet cleaner in Westchester NY because your carpets look clean, a look at the carpet pile can tell a different story. Several pounds of soil can build up in the carpet of a typical household each year. Heavy dust in the carpet will increase the daily wear and tear a carpets takes can wear down areas making it look old and worn out. Odors from cigarettes and cooking can become trapped in the carpet, which increases odors and smells in your home. Humans shed skin flakes just as pets shed their fur, which gives dust mites the opportunity to thrive. Other infestations like carpet beetles also pose a risk. Muddy soiled areas provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. While regular vacuuming can remove dust, you need a professional deep cleaning from Green Choice Carpet of Westchester NY to get your carpets really clean and free from dust and bacteria in your carpet.

I Only Want a Green Cleaning. Can You Do That?

Quite simply Green Choice is best Eco-friendly carpet cleaner in Westchester County NY. We only use certified green cleaner that will give your carpets a deep and effective cleaning without the harsh chemicals used in regular cleaning solutions. Our green cleaning techniques only use the best green products on the market and our staff is fully trained to give the best customer service and to fulfill your cleaning needs to the fullest.

For more information you can call us and discuss your cleaning needs. We can give you a quote over the phone or send one of our staff to provide a no obligation inspection and quote. If you agree with our quote we can start the cleaning right there. You have nothing to lose. Our prices are low and will give you fresh and clean carpets that you will enjoy for months and years to come. Call us today and learn more about our services at 1-914-743-5633.

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